What’s Christmas to me?

What's xmas to me

Everyone has their own idea of a “perfect Christmas”. For some, it is the dream of snow falling outside and a fire crackling in the hearth. For others, it is the promise of a delicious turkey roast dinner shared with the whole family. But to me it is something else. I am going to share with you a list of the most important things for me at Christmas.

  1. The Advent Calendar
    I’m not really sure quite what it is about the calendar that means so much. It’s not like I am the hugest chocolate fan in the world, and as I am constantly on a diet, the fact that I am stuffing my face with chocolate every day actually makes me quite sad when I think about it. But maybe it has something to do with tradition. I have always had an advent calendar, so without it, something would just be missing.
  2. Cold Weather
    It would not be Christmas without a little bit of frost or even (fingers crossed) some snow sprinkled onto the ground. I know it’s each to their own – if you want to go to Australia for a beach christmas then fine – but I just couldn’t do it myself. Christmas is a time for snow and wrapping up warm.
  3. Christmas Coffee
    So I’ve written coffee, when really I mean mocha. I’ve never been a coffee fan and I don’t plan on becoming one any time soon. But a mocha – in-between with a bit of coffee and chocolate – is a different thing all together. And when they add exciting things to it like amaretto, hazelnut and toffee nut, it just gets me extremely excited!
  4. Decorations
    That’s a pretty self-explanatory one, but I thought I would share this crime with you all; the other day I spoke to someone who HATES CHRISTMAS TREES. I know! And you know what, I could think of no reply to them so I just kind of nodded and walked away.

There’s plenty of other things but I’m struggling to think of them. I love Christmas, and that is the message of this post. The end.

.: Emily :.


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