London Calling

As you can all probably guess by the title of this post, I am off to London in a couple of weeks. Now I know I’m not actually there yet, but I am extremely excited. It’s going to be my 18th birthday on the 11th December so I want to do something memorable, and seeing that I’ve only been sightseeing in London once, it seemed fitting. I also got a little bit philosophical and felt awful that I’d been abroad more times than I had seen the capital city of my home country. Shockingly unpatriotic!

I’ve decided that I want to shop all day and only stop to gorge myself with delicious food and champagne (I can’t go without alcohol on my eighteenth birthday can I?). I’ll be visiting all of the typical destinations; Harrods, Selfridges, Oxford Road, Piccadilly Circus, the list goes on…

My main aim will be to find a really nice bag. It’ll probably be hard work, seeing as I have been searching the internet for months and having absolutely no luck at all. However, I’m set on wandering around until I find one that I like because my mum has promised to buy me the perfect bag. Shame I can’t seem to decide what my perfect bag is!

So, if any of you wonderful people can recommend anywhere nice to shop, any good brands to look at, or any lovely places I can find a Champagne lunch or delicious dinner, let me know in the comments below please! I’ll love you for it.

Oh, and in other news, I haven’t been posting much in the last month because I’ve been super busy with college work. Apparently I’ve actually got a chance of getting into medicine so my teachers have been working really hard to give me mock interviews for university and also tried to help me perfect my applications. After about four weeks of sitting and waiting to hear back, I finally heard from one of the universities and I now have an interview in January! Exciting times. And I also lost 6lb!

.: Emily :.


The Bag Search


It suddenly dawned on me today that in a little under three months, I will be turning eighteen. For a few minutes I just kind of sat there, thinking about how weird it would be to finally be classed as an adult; about how I would be able to drink legally; and about how I would suddenly be free to do whatever I wanted. But then my sister was asking what I wanted for my birthday, what brilliant gift I wanted on my special day. And the dilemma commenced.

Did I want a car? Some wonderfully designer clothes? Just boring money? Oooh, or maybe a pretty piece of jewelry? The list was endless, but to be truthful, I didn’t really want any of those things. So I gave up, telling her that I just wanted a surprise.

However, later on that day, my sister came up with the perfect suggestion. A handbag. It was the perfect idea – something luxurious yet an essential part of everyday life. So I hugged her and, of course, told her what a wonderful sister she is sometimes. And then The Bag Search began.

Even now, I have no idea what type of bag I would like. There’s just so many factors to consider; shape, size, type, brand… Again, the list goes on.

But up to now, I have a short list to share with you;

Kate Spade
Ted Baker
Jack Wills

So now all I have to do is choose… a harder decision that I first thought.

.: Emily :.