Abbey life

Summer 2014 046

I’ve always loved going to see ruins of places; castles, abbeys, roman ruins. Fountains Abbey in North Yorkshire has got to be one of my favourites; with its water gardens and beautiful lake, you can take a leisurely stroll along on a warm and sunny day. Even after a good few hours, when you’ve seen all of the ruins, the cafe is there to beckon you in with a delicious handmade ice cream or pot of steaming tea. Definitely one of the best days I’ve had in a while!

The picture below is of my sister, modelling one of my favourite skirts – yes, MY skirt, as she stole it that morning. But that’s sisters for you! I know, I know, you’re wondering when a picture of me will miraculously appear, but I will honestly post one soon… when I finally find one of myself that I actually like…

But for now I will leave you with some pretty pictures taken by moi! Comment below if you can recommend any other good ruins or castles to visit. Or even a cute little tea shop somewhere.

.: Emily :.

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Rain rain go away…

Emily Window and portrait 002P1030006

As you can probably guess from the title of this post, I don’t like rain. I’m not sure that anyone does… unless they can stay indoors, wrapped up, without the threat of being sent outside. But that doesn’t happen much. No. Whenever it rains, my fate seems to have me needing to go out into it and get absolutely soaked. Typical! So what do I do when it rains?


I have literally been sitting here for the last few weeks, doing UCAS applications whilst ordering some kind of clothing from one shop or another. I’ve also been really ill over the last couple of days so I’ve been on the sofa, scrolling through the iPad apps and once again ordering clothes. The thing is, when I order things, unless it’s free delivery, I tend to have it delivered to the shop (because who wants to pay £4 every time you order something?!). And of course, that means I have to go outside…

… into the rain.

So now, I’m about to head outside to pick up some Next clothes and it’s absolutely tipping it down. All in the love of clothes… Wish me luck! And let me know in the comments below what you guys will be ordering this Autumn? Jumpers, hats, scarves, or maybe even bikinis for a Christmas getaway?!

.: Emily :.

P.S. On another note, the picture is a picture of Pippa, sad because it’s raining.




So yesterday I went on a walk with the dogs and my childhood dream was finally fulfilled. I finally found a toadstool like the ones in all of the fairytales. Not only one, but a big cluster of them! Now that I’m writing about it, it doesn’t really make a very exciting post, but I was so over the moon.

Okay, so I’m going to go all mythological on you now; fairy rings (not quite what I saw, but close enough) are said to be the result of a fairies and elves dancing, leaving behind toadstools in their stead. Some other myths say that it’s where the devil laid his milk churn, but I definitely prefer the fairy one.

On another note, this morning I woke up to be greeted with Autumn. A true October day blustered around outside my window and a shiver rattled through my body. I really really hate cold weather – the wind, the rain, the snow, the ice – and Autumn is just the start of Winter. However, there are some fun things that come with it. Here is my list of what I’m looking forward to this winter;

Cable-knit jumpers
Cosy bed-socks
Cups of tea
Crackling fires
Bonfire night
Comfy trousers
Gloves and scarves
Walking in the snow
More snow
My holiday to Crete (eeeeek!!)

.: Emily :.