So yesterday I went on a walk with the dogs and my childhood dream was finally fulfilled. I finally found a toadstool like the ones in all of the fairytales. Not only one, but a big cluster of them! Now that I’m writing about it, it doesn’t really make a very exciting post, but I was so over the moon.

Okay, so I’m going to go all mythological on you now; fairy rings (not quite what I saw, but close enough) are said to be the result of a fairies and elves dancing, leaving behind toadstools in their stead. Some other myths say that it’s where the devil laid his milk churn, but I definitely prefer the fairy one.

On another note, this morning I woke up to be greeted with Autumn. A true October day blustered around outside my window and a shiver rattled through my body. I really really hate cold weather – the wind, the rain, the snow, the ice – and Autumn is just the start of Winter. However, there are some fun things that come with it. Here is my list of what I’m looking forward to this winter;

Cable-knit jumpers
Cosy bed-socks
Cups of tea
Crackling fires
Bonfire night
Comfy trousers
Gloves and scarves
Walking in the snow
More snow
My holiday to Crete (eeeeek!!)

.: Emily :.